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As the founder and owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! I chose to do something different to let you know clearly who I am and what my company does!

I went to my clients and asked them what “burning” questions they had for me and also what they felt others might like to know about our company!

This could be a ‘risk,’ but as an “Entrepreneur” I am up for the challenge!  

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Q. Sue, what is “Simply” Sue Speaks!—in 6 seconds?

A. “SSS” is a global booking agency that brings the “WOW” factor to your next event!

Q. How do you do that?

A. Our business is to seek and serve clients who are looking for speakers, trainers, coaches, and authors for events; and to match our professionals to the specific needs of their audiences. Why?  So we can bring an experience they will be talking about long after we are gone!

Q. What can I expect as a Client when I contact you?

A. Great question! We appreciate all who contact us, either by a referral from another client, phone, through our website, on social media, or by email.  Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, entertainer, media personality, or a conference, seminar, workshop, training session, break-out session, or retreat presenter we:

  1. Identify your needs and wants by specifically asking you the “right” questions
  2. Match you to the perfect Professional (s) who will inspire, educate, entertain, engage, and interact all with high energy and motivation
  3. Offer consultation, from my experience of handling all types of events, that will add value to your planning process, save you time, resources, and give you peace of mind throughout the entire process
  4. Offer you a detailed proposal with an outline of the content, the presenter and their information, and the fee
  5. Once an acceptance is received we then provide for your signature our contract
  6. “WOW” your audience with our tailored presentation
  7. Follow-up with surveys and analysis, and YES, ask for a recommendation

Q. Sue, that’s a pretty long list of extras you provide. I am sure you are worth it, but why would I come to your agency, when I could go directly to your Professional and receive a more reasonable fee for my budget?

A. That’s a fair question to ask! The truth is my services are at no cost to you! Yes, you heard that right! My professionals pay me to represent them, and since I don’t get paid until they do, I offer the best up front. This will ensure them of continuous bookings so they can do what they do best, and it will also make you look like a “Rock Star” for choosing “Simply” Sue Speaks!  It’s a win/win for all of us!

Q. Sue, now we know what your company is, what you do, and what to expect, how about sharing who you are as the founder and owner of SSS?

A. I was raised in Oklahoma, and I formerly was an AT&T Executive, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Coach, and Author, weighed over 300 pounds, was $180,000 in debt, and now the founder and owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! I have an awesome husband, a blended family of 4 fabulous children and 4 awesome grandchildren.  I love people, music, dancing, power walking, Zumba, reading, writing, climbing lighthouses, traveling, and the beach.

Q. Sue, we see your avatar, hat, and colors, how did that become part of your company, “Simply” Sue Speaks!?

A. I have never been a fan of my pictures, so when I became a professional speaker I took the persona of an avatar for my logo. I like to share: 

I was an avatar before avatars were cool!”

I am extremely allergic to the sun, and have skin cancer, so a hat is a necessity for me at all times! Teal and lime green have always been my favorite colors and what I always appeared in, so the brand was born. I took the stage name of “Simply” Sue, and named my company “Simply” Sue Speaks! because I had a lot I wanted to share, and I wanted to make it easy to understand so you could take action right away. At the time I thought being a speaker, traveling, writing and publishing my book, The Lighthouse of Hope—A Day by Day Journey to Fear Free Living, was my dream career and what I would spend the rest of my life doing. Little did I know that there was going to be another adventure waiting for me!

Q. Very interesting Sue, but when did your company change to what we know it today?

A. In 2012 I realized, while being on the speaking circuits, there were speakers and other professionals that kept asking me how I was able to handle marketing, negotiating, as well as actually presenting. They, just like I was, were listed on a number of speaker bureaus, but did not often get bookings from them. They began asking me if I had ever thought about becoming a different kind of agency to represent them. The more I thought about it, the better the idea looked! So I went from being a “me” to a “we!”

Q. How is your agency different, and do you feel you are seen as a serious competitor in this industry?

A. First of all, I have found I don’t have to compete and compare. I love what I do and I am good at it. Being a booking agent with a small group of professionals, means I can give more personal service and attention to the details of each client, and do the best for our professionals. With over 40 years of experience in the industry of professional speaking, training, and communicating with the written word; I feel confident I can be seen as a major player “from the initial contact to the signed contract.” 

Since I am seen and recognized as an expert in the fields of entrepreneurship, public speaking, small business, coaching, training, leadership, team building, blogging, social media, and negotiation that keeps me motivated to work hard for my professionals and my clients. I bring endless energy, enthusiasm, passion, laughter, creativity, and a high work ethic.  I have been described as a “positive,” “tenacious,” “persistent” “detailed”, “observant” and “fun” person, which I think are great strengths to have, don’t you?

Q. Sue, what is your vision, mission, and core values of “Simply” Sue Speaks!?

A. I am so glad you asked me to share the foundation of who we are! The vision of “Simply” Sue Speaks! is to be: a profitable global booking agency whose business is to match our clients with the ideal and perfect Professional who will inspire, motivate, educate, entertain, engage, and challenge your audiences, with their powerful line-up of topics and technology. 

The Mission and How we do that is simple and key: select a few of the best professional entertaining Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, and Authors on the Planet: and match them with our client’s need so that they can do what they do best: bring an unforgettable, memorable experience that the audience won’t soon forget, which will exceed the expectations of our clients and audiences, which in turn creates the “WOW” factor! 

Then by adding our Core Values which are: Positive Attitude, Be Open and Honest, Bring a Professional Image, Be Transparent, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Value Each Other as Professionals, Be Creative, and Have Fun, we can insure our clients and audiences that we can live up to the high standards of bringing the “WOW” factor to every event.

Q. Sue to do what you do best, how is your company infrastructure set up, and how do you hand-select your professionals?

A. It has been amazing how my company has evolved and continues to do so. We make sure we stay current and relevant with the future and technology of our industry. Even though we have only been an agency since 2012, we are honored to have many clients to serve and great Professionals to represent. 

To keep this moving I have an awesome Executive Team, consisting of my CFO, Virtual Assistant, Business Development Director and myself. Our roles consist of marketing and securing bookings and contracts, maintaining our websites, keeping us legal and financially sound, the selection of our professionals to represent, and making sure we keep focused on our business plan and practices. 

The selection process of our Professionals is simple. For those interested there is a questionnaire on our website to fill out and submit. Our Executive Team then reviews it to see if the professional is established and there is a “fit” with our company to secure consistent bookings for the professionals in the areas we have been most successful in pursuing. Experience in their field is a key component we consider. This process normally takes two weeks, and then we notify the professional of their status.

The foundation of my company even before it became a booking agency, are my Prayer Partners. I have a group of 20 people who are dedicated to pray for us, our business, professionals, and our clients. Together we are “Simply” Sue Speaks! and look forward to being so for many years to come.

Q. One last two part question Sue. Do you have set fees for your professionals, and are they ever going to be posted on your website, and do you ever book pro bono events for your professionals?

A. I knew we had to get to this last burning question at some point. My agency provides an experience first, and yes, we do have to set fees to bring that to each and every client that books with us. My professionals have ranges that they are deserving of, and I work to seek the markets that are a match for their talent and expertise, and have the budgets to support their fees. We do not post those fees, as each client is treated to a custom quote, based on the information I secure from the initial contact.

At times there is room for negotiation.  Our professionals are not start-ups, and they come with international, national, regional, and local recognition; and they each have their own schedule of pro bono events that they support and appear at already determined. So pro bono are not events that my agency would be looking to book for my professionals.

Look forward to serving You,

Simply Sue Name Only Signature


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