Do you want your audience “Talking” about your event long after it is over?

We at “Simply” Sue Speaks! are your consultant and partner dedicated to bringing an unforgettable, memorable experience to your audience; while making You look like a “Rock Star” for choosing the professionals at “Simply” Sue Speaks! 

How do we do that?  Whether you are looking for an inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker, engaging media personality, interactive conference speaker, mesmerizing seminar presenter, or challenging retreat speaker, our goal is to match you with our professional(s) that will tailor their presentations to Your needs and expected take-a-ways and outcomes, and then promote your event so that you will meet your ROI for having chosen our agency and speakers. 

Our speakers are professionals; which means that speaking is their passion, living, and comes “first” in their business life. They have other “add-ons” such as products and services; but when you contract with “Simply” Sue Speaks! our commitment to you and your audience is to bring:

●an engaging, interactive experience-not a “lecture.”

●a tailored presentation designed to match your audience-not a “canned” presentation.

●leave them “talking at the water cooler” long after your event is over. 

Success Words - Connected SpheresWe are on the “cutting-edge” of this ever changing world of our industry; and we bring a fresh new look.  We are flexible, and realize your time and resources is a great priority to you in the planning of your event. 

We offer a smooth and easy business relationship, and have the experience, confidence, and content to know it is “all about you and your audience,” and not us at all!  

We incorporate what John Maxwell calls: “A.C.T.-the greatness of a speaker!” Our speakers bring an experience to an audience that will instill them to: “A.-apply, C.-change, and T. transfer to others.”

We are honored to have you as a Client.  Click here to contact us for a Professional Speaker for your next event. 


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