Is the world of Professional Creative Trainers and Presenters disappearing?  At “Simply” Sue Speaks! we don’t believe it is!

We know that Webinars and On-line training are valuable, and our professionals do that as well, but the experience of learning face to face, in an interactive and engaging setting is still the basic venue for change and growth to occur. 

Our trainers know the value and need of being able to create engaging, interactive workshops, break-out sessions, seminars, series, and conferences for many different clients and audiences, quickly and on current relevant up to date topics. 

Whether you are looking for personal and professional development presenters that come with accreditation and qualify for CEU’s, the expertise of training specific skills of social media and mobile technology, or the latest topics that everyone wants to learn more about, we have the professionals that will match your needs and bring an experience of learning that will exceed your expectations, so that you will want to contract them again and again. 

Our creative edge we bring is to identify up front the exact needs and wants of you and your audience, share an outline of what that will look like, and then plan, prepare, practice, so that our presentation will have the professional look and feel that leads to excellent learning and application. 

We offer the expertise of experience with a twist of high energy, excitement, involvement, humor, empowerment, and engagement with all different audiences. 

From the corporate office to government agencies, to universities and community colleges, associations or non-profits, we offer a range of topics that expand into many different levels of learning.

We are honored to have you as a Client. Click here to contact us for a Professional Creative Trainer and Presenter. 


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